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resto c'afe

Since opening in spring 2017, we have been committed to providing quality ingredients that promote healthy living and sustainable energy; using only healthy oils and avoiding sucrose sugars and processed foods, although a bit of naughtiness is welcomed every now and then.  we bring you exciting breakfast, lunch and dinner c’raves that generally consist of natural fitness foods, smoothies and juices providing the positive, healthy, energy-building sustenance needed for the body, mind and soul. For you coffee lovers, you’ll be delighted with our superb Indonesian c’ugh house c’offee blend and rotating single origins crafted by trained baristas who aim to give you the best coffee around. 

check out our menu and get that mouth watering


opening hours


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c'work space

while our ground floor is geared towards a resto cafe and bar vibe, our first floor is dedicated as a space for those who purchase a fibreoptic broadband package; we’re calling it the c’work space, designed for those who like to be in a cafe environment with a bit of this and that going on nearby.  here, you’ll get high-speed (25 mbps) fibreoptic broadband (with 30 mbps backup) at a competitive price (see below) in Bali.  we provide a mix of seating options using tables at standing (adjustable), normal and low heights in different areas with specific purposes in mind; for example, large and small air-conditioned quiet rooms (available for hire as meeting/event rooms), group spaces and an open lounge space.  You can also enjoy anything from the menu up here too.

As an extra perk, we have a roof terrace, extending the c’work space when it isn’t hired out for small private events.  If you are interested in using the roof terrace for a private event, please click here.

additionally, we have a free shower facility if you want to freshen up, and free lockers if you want to hop downstairs and meet your friends for a meal or drink without having to worry about your valued belongings.

All of these spaces are available during opening business hours. if you buy a fibreoptic package, and arrive before closing, you are able to work through the night as long as needed.  note that during non-business hours, there is no support or food and beverage services provided.

we do provide free 2-hour access 5 mbps on the ground floor when customers order anything from the menu.

opening hours

*if you arrive before closing, you can work through the night
note: food & beverages services and technical support are not available from 22:00-07:30 


1 MONTH (90 HOURS) 1,100K
1 WEEK (21 HOURS) 495K
1 HOUR 44K

50% discount on packages for Indonesian ktp card holders

meeting/event rooms

large room (8-20 people) - 200k per hour
small room  (2-7 people) - 100k per hour
email us
with details for use of workshops and pricing for All-day events



deliveries can be accepted only on the basis of advance notice, completing a delivery consent form and payment of handling fee. 
all deliveries received outside of the established process will be denied.  speak with a member of staff for more details.


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if you’re feeling a bit naughty and want to spice it up a bit, then you must make use of the c’ugh house c’bar for some extremely delicious, top-quality, mood-enhancing special c’ugh house c’ocktails.  You might even get your groove on while you’re at it. see our menu for wide range of cocktails and alcoholic drinks on offer.  

we highly recommend the c'bro (created specifically for the c'ugh brothers passion for gin and coffee) or the c'ugharita (a spicy, fruity twist on the classic margarita).